Dancing With Ghosts


Over the years I have also played in original bands and I still write and record my own material. In July 2018 I wrote and produced an album called Dancing With Ghosts. It is available for download and streaming through all major digital platforms including iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iHeart Play etc. It is also available on CD. For a copy you can email me at loz.rabone@btinternet.com or get one from me directly at gigs

For Jim

This album is dedicated to my brother, Jim Rabone, who passed away unexpectedly in September 2016. Jim was not only my brother but also a close friend and mentor and it’s largely due to him and his belief in me that I became a musician. Jim was a singer and guitarist and had a deep love of music. His loss was what drove me to make this album


For dad

At 15 years old, our dad, George Rabone, lied about his age in order sign up and serve his country in World War 2. He was a sonar operator on HMS Starling, facing the daily threat of being torpedoed by German U-boats. He passed away in 1993 and in the years following, my brother and I often talked about how proud we were of him and what kind of life he must have had during the war – it was something that dad never spoke of. We wanted to record a song as a tribute to him and it is to my eternal regret that I had not finished the song before Jim died. The song is now on this album and is called Dear Dad.


Huge thanks to Camila Rabone for the album Artwork and to my dear friend Surinder Sandhu who mastered the album and was my my mentor during the whole production process

Some samples from  Dancing With Ghosts

Ode To Jim


Black Mercedes

Any Given Day


Dear Dad

On The Money

Here are some samples of rough mixes of some other songs from forthcoming albums


Pretty Penny

What Time It Is

Burn & Shine